Fun with reflectors

I have a 42 inch 5 in 1 Photoflex reflector that I wanted to have fun with and share the results with you. I wanted to demonstrate the difference between using the gold reflective surface and the white reflective surface. Here is the setup: a Photoflex monolight aimed at the reflector so the light would bounce and illuminate the side of my subject’s face. A … Continue reading Fun with reflectors

Wireless flash & macro photos

Going through the garden this weekend, I came across a thistle. Having Scottish origins, I decided to take a picture. Took out the trusty Sony Alpha 700 and an old Minolta 35-70mm F/4 macro lens, set up the tripod and got to work. With macro photos of plants, it’s nice to have some bokeh. For those unfamiliar with the term, bokeh occurs when you have … Continue reading Wireless flash & macro photos

Summer Sports Photography

People often ask me, how do I take pictures of sporting events? Usually kids’ events. Here are my tips. You know how we often hear that it’s not the camera that makes a difference; that it’s the eye of the photographer? Sorry, but this doesn’t apply with sports. As I heard Scott Kelby once say: “Gear counts”. The better the gear, the better the pictures. … Continue reading Summer Sports Photography

Found a really cool gadget!

I was at the camera store the other day and came across this neat little gadget.  It’s small, fits easily in the pocket and only cost $20! Any clues?  It is a Gorillapod micro 800 by Joby. A perfect little travel tripod for a point-and-shoot camera.  I’m certainly bringing this on vacation with the kids.  I’ll use it for family portraits and night shots. Rests … Continue reading Found a really cool gadget!