Camera GPS and Vacation pictures

Vacations are here and I felt I needed to talk about a feature that I find very important in a camera: the GPS. Have you ever looked at a vacation picture and wondered “where the heck did I take that?”. Geotagging is the answer. The latitude and longitude coordinates are stored with the picture and you can later use a program like Lightroom to see where the shot was taken on a map. Cell phone cameras usually attach GPS coordinates to pictures but this is a relatively new feature for most DSLR or Point-and-shoot cameras.

Some may say that the GPS consumes too much battery power or that it takes time to get a satellite fix, but I don’t care. I love it.

I have a Sony DSC-HX30V that really does the job for me. I’ll write a little review about it in a later blog entry. It has built-in GPS geotagging. I charge that little point and shoot every night when I’m on vacation and have never run out of battery power. Besides, all I need is a spare battery, and that doesn’t take up much space. Just about every shot I take is geotagged which allows me to locate where I took a shot on a map. I looked at the Sony RX100 and RX100MkII before choosing the HX30V. Neither of these fantastic cameras has a GPS. What was Sony thinking? #FAIL. I was really tempted by these cameras but the lack of GPS was a deal breaker. I could have used my iPhone to track my movements and geotagged manually but I already do that with my Alpha 700 and I feel lazy when it comes to vacation pictures. I want it done for me. (By the way, I’ll make another blog entry later showing how to geotag all your pictures using an iPhone and some free software).


As far as I’m concerned, any future camera for me has to have a GPS. How about your next camera?

Happy (geotagged) shooting!

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