Fun with reflectors

I have a 42 inch 5 in 1 Photoflex reflector that I wanted to have fun with and share the results with you. I wanted to demonstrate the difference between using the gold reflective surface and the white reflective surface.

Here is the setup: a Photoflex monolight aimed at the reflector so the light would bounce and illuminate the side of my subject’s face. A small strobe would fill the background. I could flip the reflector around to get either the gold or white side.

The setup
The lighting setup with a reflector and a monolight.
The setup
The gold reflector and monolight

The shutter speed was set at 1/60th of a second with an aperture of F/16.

To begin, I shot a white soccer ball. The first shot, with the white reflector gives a cooler, all white image. The second, with the gold reflector gives a much warmer picture and the soccer ball appears a little yellow.

White reflector
Gold reflector

Finally, I took some pictures of my daughter (always smiling) with both reflectors. The gold reflector in the first image is warmer and gives her a somewhat tanned look. The white reflector in the second image is much cooler.

With the gold reflector
With the white reflector

Which do you prefer? Happy shooting!

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