Sony A99 to go out of production?

The rumour mill is saying that the Sony A99 is going out of production in late November.  Does that mean we’re finally going to get a true mirrorless full frame SLR?  I cant wait to see what the production line has in store for us. Sony fans should follow to get news, I read it regularly. Continue reading Sony A99 to go out of production?

Get ready for tomorrow’S iOS update.

Tomorow, Apple is coming out with their new look mobile operating system: iOS 7.  I know I’ll be upgrading my trusty old iPhone 4 to enjoy the new look OS.  It’s probably the reason why I’m hesitating to upgrade to the new iPhone 5s.  Apple created a quality product three years ago that still looks good and is relevant today. To boot, I’m going to … Continue reading Get ready for tomorrow’S iOS update.

Apple got something right

I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with Apple’s approach to the camera in the new iPhone 5S. They understood that more megapixels is not necessarily the solution to getting better pictures. A larger sensor is. Most people don’t understand this, so kudos to Apple to sticking to their guns and keeping an 8MP camera. I haven’t seen the new phone but I’m looking forward to … Continue reading Apple got something right

Where is Sony going with its products?

I’ve been following the latest announcements from Sony such as the QX10 and QX100 imaging sensors for smartphones as well as the rash of new offerings for E-mount cameras.  The Alpha 65 is apparently now a “No longer available” product.  What is going on?  Is Sony abandoning us faithful Alpha SLR users?  Will we be seeing any new high-end products for the A-mount line? This … Continue reading Where is Sony going with its products?