Sony A77 II (part 1)

After a little more than a week with the Sony A77 mark II, here are a few quick observations.

The camera is fast. Blazingly fast. I’ve shot two soccer games with it and the new autofocus system has been very efficient. Out of 587 shots in one game, maybe 5 we’re not focused on my target although I can’t really blame the camera, it had focused on another player very close to my target.

My only pet peeve is the time the camera takes from standby to ready to take a picture. While standing on the sidelines, the camera went to sleep a few times (to save battery power) but took way to long to come back on line after putting my eye to the eyepiece. It was completely dark in the EVF and I missed a few good shots. Maybe this will be corrected in a firmware release.

More reporting to come.

Happy shooting!

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