Sony A77 Mark II review (part 2)

Here’s a major bug that is very annoying: if you take a picture but press the shutter button too quickly, it causes a memory card corruption. You get a message that says “Writing to the memory card was not completed correctly. Recover data?” When you select Enter (yes) the camera asks: “Execute? This may damage data that was added or edited on another device.” Then you click enter and the camera proceeds to lose your file.

Sony, this needs to be fixed!

4 thoughts on “Sony A77 Mark II review (part 2)

  1. Hi, I’m freaking out! This is coming up on my screen. I took a photo then took the memory card out & put it back in. If I press “ENTER” will I lose lose all the photos on my camera or just the last photo I took. I was just about to back them all up or should I press “CANCEL”??


    1. Pressing Enter or Cancel doesn’t seem to make a difference for me. We should all write to Sony or leave a comment on their forum. Maybe they will solve this with a firmware update.


      1. I got a techhead onto it. Selected “ENTER” not “CANCEL” All the images were present. I immediately uploaded them onto my PC.
        I agree with you. I pride myself on being fairly intelligent & I find the language & series of instructions very convoluted & discombobulating…English please not Technish 🙂
        Further, I searched everywhere in Sony support, Sony manuals, Sony forums and yours was the one that had any communication on this which only exacerbated the panic of potentially losing 2,000 photos & videos, which was grim.


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