We’re finally going to get XAVC-S on the A77 Mk 2!

A little while ago, I wrote that it would be nice to have XAVC-S on the Alpha A77 Mk 2.  I also wrote that all it should take is a firmware upgrade. 

Well I just love being right!

Sony has announced that a firmware upgrade is coming in December for the A77 Mk 2 that includes XAVC-S.  This is going to be amazing for filming high speed events like sports.

I’ll let you know how the update fares when I install it.

Happy shooting!

2 thoughts on “We’re finally going to get XAVC-S on the A77 Mk 2!

  1. Hi Michael, you woudnt believe how little a77ii info is there /dont mean unboxing or silly tests plenty of them/ 🙂

    Well Im a a99 a77 user and thinking to get mk2 mostly for my video work. The question is how much better is the mk2 video performance, especialy with xavc. Could you judge that on the base of your experiences in the real, shooting and editing as well.

    A99 video is OK-ish but not impressive, I like though the form factor very much, the grip, 3 batteries, bulletproof built, full frame, xlr mk1, vf, lcd, atomos….. joy to work with – but the IQ is a problem sometimes. Only the form factor holds me back from a7s, and as well as having lot of alpha glass Im considering to buy 77mk2. TY. Dan


    1. Sorry for the late reply, but here’s my take on the A77ii for video. I’m not much of a video shooter except for some sports and the occasional school play. I haven’t tested the XAVC-S yet, I don’t have the right memory card. I must confess that in my limited experience I’m very impressed with the focus tracking for shooting sports. I shoot a lot of hockey and once set, the focus tracking does a great job. As a still camera I think the A77ii is second to none but from what I’ve read, the A7s with an adapter may be the best. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. Good luck and let me know what you choose.


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