What’s happening at CP+?

I don’t know about you, but I was hoping for some new product announcements from Sony at CP+ which is going on right now in Japan.  All we’re getting is articles about the new G-Master series of lenses.  None of which does any good for A-mount users.  Is there ever going to be an announcement for an A99ii?  Maybe A-mount really is dead. I have … Continue reading What’s happening at CP+?

I’ve given the blog a new look

Hello all, I was getting tired with the old look of my blog and decided to modernize it.  Please give me feedback to let me know if you like it.  I’ll keep trying to improve this site and make it interesting for you. Cheers, Michael Continue reading I’ve given the blog a new look

I have a new domain name and web site!

I finally got a domain name for my photography work!  If you click on michaelwoodphoto.com the link will take you to a site where I will be displaying my portfolio. The site is powered by Adobe’s Portfolio web offering. Check it out at http://www.myportfolio.com.  It was so easy to put together!  My Behance pictures are directly linked to the site. I just have to upload … Continue reading I have a new domain name and web site!

News from Sony (but not for pros)

DPReview (among others) is reporting that Sony has announced a new camera. The alpha 6300, the successor to the hugely popular a6000.  The specs and price look nice but it’s nothing to excite high end photographers. It may be kind of mean for me to say this camera is not for pros. The button configuration and the control wheels may not be very convenient for … Continue reading News from Sony (but not for pros)