Macbook 12″ 2016 performance

I though I’d try a little performance test pitting my new MacBook 2016 with a Core M3 processor with my Mac Mini (late 2012) sporting a Core i5 processor.  The test was to stitch a panorama together with PTGui Pro. I took five shots, each having five bracketed exposures.  That made a total of 25 images to process.  The results blew me away. In the … Continue reading Macbook 12″ 2016 performance

A first working weekend with the MacBook

So I just spent the last weekend at my son’s soccer tournament.  I decided I was going to take some sports shots with a new 2x teleconverter.  I’ll write about that one later.  I brought the MacBook 12″ with me to test the workflow the Lightroom. I was actually quite impressed by the machine.  Lightroom imported quickly thanks to the SSD drive.  I could select … Continue reading A first working weekend with the MacBook

First days with the MacBook 12″ retina

So far, so good. I’ve installed Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as PTGui Pro and Aurora HDR Pro.  Everything seems to be running smoothly.  I was mostly concerned with the performance of Lightroom on a Core M3 processor but I have to complaints so far.  Performance is good. The keyboard takes some getting used to, though.  Short travel keys for a touch typist is a … Continue reading First days with the MacBook 12″ retina