A first working weekend with the MacBook

So I just spent the last weekend at my son’s soccer tournament.  I decided I was going to take some sports shots with a new 2x teleconverter.  I’ll write about that one later.  I brought the MacBook 12″ with me to test the workflow the Lightroom.

I was actually quite impressed by the machine.  Lightroom imported quickly thanks to the SSD drive.  I could select the best shots, make some adjustments and touch-ups and then export directly to a google drive on the Mac.  Once synchronized with the Internet, I could send the link to the parents informing them of a new batch of souvenirs of their kids.

Once at home, I exported the work as a catalog and then re-imported the database and pictures into my main machine and NAS.


The little MacBook did a good job.  The performance was acceptable and I really appreciated the fact that it was extremely lightweight.  Now I just have to get used to that keyboard…


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