Macbook 12″ 2016 performance

I though I’d try a little performance test pitting my new MacBook 2016 with a Core M3 processor with my Mac Mini (late 2012) sporting a Core i5 processor.  The test was to stitch a panorama together with PTGui Pro.

I took five shots, each having five bracketed exposures.  That made a total of 25 images to process.  The results blew me away.

In the first part, aligning the images, the two computers were pretty evenly matched.  The MacBook winning by two seconds, probably because of the SSD drive reading the input files faster.  But the second part was where the race was no longer evenly matched.  PTGui was to stitch the images together and produce five separate panoramic .jpg images at different exposures.  I would later put these images into Aurora HDR.

The MacBook cruised through the exercise in a little over three minutes (3:15), but the Mac Mini chugged through for nearly twelve minutes (11:45)!  Not even close.  The SSD drive versus a standard hard drive was probably the key factor.  Nonetheless, the result was shocking.  I didn’t expect such as disparity between the machines.

So there you have it.  The MacBook was the big winner in this challenge.  I’ll let you know soon how the machines fared with Aurora HDR.

Keep shooting!

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