Photo finishing and laminating

I’m back!  I’ve been really busy lately learning how to laminate photos.  I’ve learned how to use a hot vacuum press, a cold laminating press and tips on framing.

I was recently confronted with the challenge that people using their iPhones and posting to social media are not really photographers.  Personally, I think that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If we snap a shot, we are all photographers.  For some of us, our canvas is Instagram or Facebook, for others, it’s a 44″ x 66″ sheet of acrylic and metallic paper.  Our requirements in equipment may vary, but we are all photographers.

That being said, my latest efforts have been mostly applied to my hot vacuum press and the cold roll laminator.

The hot vacuum press gives interesting results.  I take an image from the printer, cover it with a protective film and then bond all of that to a 1/2″ piece of MDF (wood).  The result is a robust piece of art that I can hang anywhere and clean with a damp cloth.

The pictures that I facemount onto acrylic provide vibrant images with colours that seem to jump off the sheet.

Let me know if anyone wants tutorials on how to laminate images.  I can direct you to some if the YouTube videos I’ve used.  Maybe I can record a few of my own…

Happy shooting!

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