Translucent mirrors

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Brian Smith, who is a fantastic portrait photographer and a really nice guy.  We talked about the translucent mirrors in Sony cameras and I think he put it best: “Far too much is made of light loss from Sony (sic) translucent mirror” and “Image quality loss from translucent mirror is about the same as using a high-quality UV filter (you’d be much worse off slapping a $15 UV filter over your lens).”

I wish the fan-boys and pixel peepers would get a firmer grip on reality and realize that unless you’re working in extreme light conditions (which is the case for almost all photographers), the mirror has no effect at all on your photography.

I have an A77mkII with a translucent mirror.  I’ve used to to take terrific sports shots but also some fantastic landscapes.  The camera manages to embarras the Canon 7D Mark II! The gapless offset microlenses on the sensor make it a very efficient light capturing machine.

I don’t mind the translucent mirror.  I hope to get an A99mkII.  If I want to take landscapes with breathtaking clarity and resolution, I’ll get a medium format camera.  For now, landscapes that are stitched together with PTGui and polished in Lightroom, Photoshop and Noiseless Pro look pretty outstanding to me.

Have fun shooting out there!

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