Datacolor Spyder5 great service

Just had to mention the good service I received from Datacolor when I had a problem with my calibration software.  After upgrading to MacOS Sierra, I was unable to save the calibration of my two monitors.  I’m good with technology but I was stumped.

After leaving a message on their web site, I received a prompt email suggesting a course of action.  It didn’t work at first, so we had an email exchange and the support people were always helpful.  The final suggestion was to disconnect the second monitor and try independent calibrations, due to issues with Sierra’s handling of two screens.  It worked!  Now, why didn’t I think of that?

I was very pleased with the service.  It was helpful.  In this day and age when everyone just complains all the time (I’m kinda doing it now), we have to congratulate good service.

Way to go Datacolor!  I got good service.  I’m recommending your product to my readers.

How was your service today?

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