Now, EVFs are popular! Who could have predicted this?

I remember when I started reading about Sony’s translucent mirrors and EVFs (Electronic View Finders).  Just the mention of EVFs was like using a four letter word in public.  All the purists just hated them.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, could compare to an optical view finder.

Well, I went against the grain and moved from my trusty Sony Alpha A700 (with a very bright optical view finder), to an A77mkII with an EVF.  I kept my A700 but barely touched it again.  I got used to the A77 and being able to see the effect of white balance and aperture and shutterspeed directly in the viewfinder.  My habits started to change as I began to look at the shots I took directly in the viewfinder insted of chimping.

Funny what five years will do.  The great pariah, the EVF is at the base of all mirrorless cameras and more and more manufacturers are including them in their designs.  The trusted critics on the web are now praising the merits of EVFs and lament how certain optical viewfinders don’t show enough information and force photographers to chimp.

I can see the merits of both technologies, but the hard core haters of EVFs are, in my opinion, dinosaurs who fear the threat of a new technology on their perfect little habits.  What would they have said when the first reflex cameras came out?  That it was blasphemous to not get under a dark cloth and look straight through the lens at an upside down image?

Come on, people.  Let’s try to steer manufacturers to provide us with better performing tools instead of just criticizing any novelty.

I am a martial artist.  I explain to beginners that the samurai sword is not dangerous.  If I place it on the ground, it is not a threat.  Only when it is in my hands does it become dangerous.

So I see it this way; after all, the camera is just a tool in the hands of an artisan.  The tool is nothing until the artist picks it up.

End of rant.  Happy shooting!

One thought on “Now, EVFs are popular! Who could have predicted this?

  1. What I like about EVF is that you see what you’ll get, contrary to OVF where what you see has nothing to do with what you get in terms of light. I’ve tried to get to Nikon many times, but Sony’s EVF are just too practical for me. A “rant” I can only agree with 🙂


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