MacBook vs the new MacBook Pro

Some people have been wondering if I’m still happy with my MacBook now that the new MacBook Pros are out with the Touchbar.  Well, I can tell you with confidence, that I would not change this wonderful machine for the new power monsters.

The 12 inch MacBook fills the specific needs that I have.  I already use a Mac at home, so I wanted a very portable machine to carry around on photoshoots and trips.  Some people say “What’s the difference now, that the MacBook Pro only weighs 3 pounds?”.  I think that the way to look at it is not the fact that the Pro only weighs 1 pound more than my machine.  Or, even the fact that the Pro weighs 50% more than my laptop.  The question is not whether you can lift one more pound (that’s easy).  The question is whether or not you want to carry around an extra pound all day.  (I don’t).

My MacBook is powerful enough for what I do:  Lightroom, light Photoshop, PTGui, Aurora HDR, Capture One Pro.  Not to mention Pages, Numbers and other utilities.  I’ve yet to fill the 256Gb SSD drive since I use a personal cloud and a VPN.

But the MacBook has one feature that no other Apple laptop can challenge.  It’s quiet.  When I turn it on and have it on my lap, it doesn’t make a sound.  No fan.  Peace.

I’m not knocking the new MacBook Pro.  I think it’s a great machine and I wish I could afford one (it’s really expensive).  But my little MacBook really does the job and after 6 months, I still really love it.

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