Why does Wacom take so long to update their drivers?

When Mac OS 10.12 Sierra came out last September, most of the applications I have, had either updated their software or updated it within a few days of the release of the operating system.

The only standout was Wacom.  This is the second year in a row that it takes them well over a month to update their drivers and software.  To make matters worse, the drivers are immediately labelled as incompatible and moved out of the applications directory by the operating system.

Why do they create drivers that expire as soon as a new version of Mac OS comes out?  Why does it take them so long to update their drivers?  They surely get advance developer copies of the OS.

For a company that makes one of the most popular tablet accessories on the market, I find this unacceptable.  If they had some serious competition, I think I would dump my Wacom tablet.

Don’t hesitate to write to them and complain.  I did.

End of rant.

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