Big Prints – New Printer

I like big prints.  I find it differentiates my pictures from the tiny images we show or see on  mobile phone screens.  I’ve been printing with a Canon Pro-100 for a while now, but I’ve always been frustrated by the fact that I can’t print real panoramas.  The printer is designed for 13×19″ prints and the driver can be forced to print up to 26″ but that’s it.  The best I can hope for is a 1:2 print.

So I started to do triptychs.  Three panels 12×18″.  Still 1:2 but I can always add another panel and stretch the image.  Still I was growing restless.  This arrangement prevented me from doing facemounted panoramic prints on acrylic.

Then, Epson offered a rebate for the month of January on the SureColor P800.  What a machine.  17″ wide prints and a roll feeder for prints up to 129″ long!  I took the plunge.  I’ll write more soon on this new printer as I get accustomed to it.

My Pro-100 will find a new home with a good friend.

So I’ll sign off with my usual Happy Shooting but also Happy Printing!

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