Geolocating with the Sony A99ii

I’ve been experimenting with the geolocating capabilities of the Sony A99ii. The camera uses Bluetooth to communicate with a cell phone and gets the GPS location from the phone to write it directly to the picture EXIF.

I haven’t had any troubles establishing the connection between the camera and the phone. The PlayMemories app must then be running to send the GPS information to the camera. A little icon on the camera display tells you that the link is established. The rest is automatic. When you take a picture, the location data is automatically sent to the camera and stored with the picture. When you chimp and look at the picture on the camera display, the latitude and longitude are displayed in the lower left corner.

Voila. Easy. Brilliant concept.

The only trouble I’ve had is when I turn off the camera and turn it back on a little while later. Sometimes the connection is not re-established. You have to be very careful and make sure the connection is re-established before taking pictures. In general it works very well.

I’ll write to let people know if I have any issues with this feature.

I’m off to do more testing!

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