Thrilling new Photoshop feature!

There is a new feature in the latest release of Photoshop that’s got me thrilled.  (Chuffed to bits for my UK friends).  It’s the ability to edit 360×180 panoramic photos.  There are often little errors that creep into the stitching process which are very hard to correct in a equirectangular projection.  Now, you can edit directly in Photoshop as if the image were flattened in front of you.  Little stitching errors can be corrected.  Nadirs of the image can be edited.  I love it!

Prior to this feature, you had to project your image in a cubic format, edit and then reassemble in equirectangular format.  Each additional step risking to add errors.  Now, I can do all the work I want in Photoshop.

It’s always nice when a software company seems to have read your mind and added an unexpected feature.  Kudos to Adobe.

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