Is Wacom making fun of it’s customers?

I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet that I’ve been using faithfully for several years on my Mac.  Every time Apple has a major upgrade to MacOS, Wacom would take forever to update their drivers.  The drivers would never be ready on the OS launch date.  It would always come out a month or so after launch.  I would always have to delay my upgrade until Wacom had caught up.

With the latest version of MacOS – High Sierra, Wacom were dragging their feet again.  Then, today, I saw this message on their Twitter feed:

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately Bamboo tablets will not be supported on High Sierra due to the massive changes within the operating system. If you want to continue working with your bamboo tablet do not upgrade to High Sierra. ^JS

Are they serious?  Do not upgrade to High Sierra?  If they had just said that the product was at “end of life” and would no longer be supported, I would have been disappointed but not angry.  But the suggestion that users should not upgrade their operating systems made me livid.  It’s an insult to the customers.  Upgrading operating systems is commonplace in response to the various attacks and viruses that regularly show up.  The operating system is far more important than any peripheral.

I find this is a lack of respect for the customers.

I will upgrade my Mac, and I will never purchase a Wacom product again.  I’m going to look into Huion tablets and suggest that all my readers do the same.

Wacom is dead.  End of rant.

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