Protection from power failures! Mac, UPS, NAS & NUT

If you watched my YouTube video on protection from power failures (here), you know I promised to include the configuration files and commands on this blog.  So here they are: To hide the ‘ups’ user: sudo dscl . create /Users/ups IsHidden 1   In the upsmon.conf file, enter the following lines:   RUN_AS_USER ups in the RUN_AS_USER <userid> section, and MONITOR qnapups@ 1 upsmon 123456 … Continue reading Protection from power failures! Mac, UPS, NAS & NUT

DIY Teleprompter video out!

Hi folks, I’ve been working on video content lately which is why I haven’t been writing much.  Here’s my latest DIY tutorial on how to make your own teleprompter. Looking forward to your comments! Michael Video here: DIY Teleprompter! Continue reading DIY Teleprompter video out!

I say NO! to PortraitPro Body

Ok, I own PortraitPro by Anthropics but I cannot abide by PortraitPro Body. First a little background on each application.  PortraitPro is a software application that allows you to take a portait of a subject and then make adjustments to the face.  You can remove blemishes, add or change makeup, and make some adjustments to the morphology of the face.  PortraitPro Body allows you to … Continue reading I say NO! to PortraitPro Body