Shutterbug named the Sony A99ii “Best DSLR Professional” of the year.

Just came across an interesting article here.  Shutterbug named the Sony A99ii the best Professional DSLR of the year.  The article came out January 24th, 2018 so some of the newer Sony cameras such as the A9 and A7Riii were not considered as they came out too late for the 2017 TIPA awards deadline.

Still, it’s nice to see my camera considered one of the best in the world.  That’s how I feel, I love this beast.  It performs amazingly well for me.  High megapixels (42) when I want to shoot landscapes and medium megapixels (18) when I want to shoot sports.  Both megapixel ranges can shoot up to 12 fps.  Two SD card slots.  When I change lenses, the semi-translucent mirror protects the sensor, contrary to pure mirrorless.  And, as Brian Smith told me, the light loss of the mirror has no more of an impact than putting a regular UV filter on the front of the lens.

I’ve been using it to shoot video on my YouTube channel as some of you may have seen.  Even if I don’t get continuous autofocus in aperture priority, I don’t mind.  I usually use aperture priority to shoot static, on-camera talent, and to get a blurred background.

I’ll try to do a review (better late than never) on my YouTube channel soon.  Let me know what your ‘Use Cases’ would be for an A99ii.



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