Getting the rough, grungy look in portraits

Here’s the latest video tutorial on my YouTube channel:

And here are some quick notes to accompany the video:

  • Create two copies of the background layer
  • Name one: Noise
  • Name the other: High Pass
  • Turn off the High Pass layer
  • Select the Noise layer
  • Select Filter > Noise > Add Noise
  • Set the amount to 10%, Gaussian and Monochromatic (to avoid random lit pixels with different colours)
  • You can play with the amount of noise depending on the original resolution and the final output resolution
  • Set the opacity to roughly 80%
  • Turn on the High Pass layer
  • Select Filter > Other > High Pass
  • Set the radius between 12% and 15% to taste to highlight edges and high texture areas like hair and clothing.
  • Set the blend mode to Color Burn and the opacity to roughly 50% (to taste)
  • Add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer
  • Increate the Brightness to roughly 45
  • Select all 3 layers and group together.  Call it Grunge.
  • Turn the group on and off.
  • Note that the opacity of the whole group can be adjusted.

Have fun!


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