Sony A7Siii is coming!

Sony’s Sales Manager for Europe, Fabien Pisano confirmed in an interview with a French blogger that the A7Siii is coming.  It’s one of the best kept secrets at Sony, so they’re probably integrating as much low light technology as they can into this next camera. Sony has really been listening to its clients lately and have been integrating many suggestions from pro shooters.  I have … Continue reading Sony A7Siii is coming!

Sony is pulling out all the stops!

Sony released a mid-term strategy document ( where they state that their goal is to be “the top brand in the overall camera market” by 2021.  Wow!  Them’s fightin’ words! It’s nice to see a camera manufacturer commit to creating fantastic products and strive to be exceptional and not just quietly upgrade a current lineup. There’s still much that can be improved upon in the … Continue reading Sony is pulling out all the stops!

The business of photography #1

Do you want to have consistent quality in your photography business?  Then one of the first things you should do is to document your processes and procedures.  Large businesses do this to get ISO9001 certification but nothing prevents a small business from having some simple documentation. Start with your workflow.  How do you work every day with Lightroom or other software packages that you use? … Continue reading The business of photography #1

Bluetooth geotagging is getting popular!

I’ve been looking at the Panasonic GX9 which is supposed to be available soon at B&H.   One of the features that caught my eye is the ability to get real-time geotagging via the Bluetooth connection. I hope this is a feature that makes it’s way to more and more cameras. It’s a great low power way of implementing GPS and it certainly draws less … Continue reading Bluetooth geotagging is getting popular!