The business of photography #1

Do you want to have consistent quality in your photography business?  Then one of the first things you should do is to document your processes and procedures.  Large businesses do this to get ISO9001 certification but nothing prevents a small business from having some simple documentation.

Start with your workflow.  How do you work every day with Lightroom or other software packages that you use?  Write it down.  You can start with a simple list of bullet points.  It will become a sort of check list to make sure you don’t forget any steps.  In another instalment, I’ll show you how to create swimlane diagrams to document a process with more than one person involved.

Documenting processes and procedures will help you hone the quality of your craft.  You will repeat the quality steps every time for every client.  A quality product makes for a happy client.

Running a business efficiently is almost as important as taking a good picture.  The client expects quality and for things to be done on time.  Your processes will eventually include steps to communicate with clients to enable repeat business.  They will help you determine the costs of running your business and how much you should charge.

In six months or a year, take another look at your steps and see if you can improve on them.  Are there new software tools or updates to your old tools that will make your product even better?  If you perform this exercise, you’ve taken the first steps toward continuous improvement.

Start taking notes!

I’ll start making regular instalments to help you document various procedures.  Let me know if this is of interest to you and if you have any particular areas where you have questions.

Best of luck!

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