Sony announces the RX100vi with Bluetooth and 24-200mm lens!

They finally did it!  They put Bluetooth location information into an RX100.  Just based on that alone, I think the RX100vi is the best travel camera ever, but wait… the lens is 24-200mm?  Really?!!


Reach.  Speed.  Image quality.  Amazing autofocus.  Geotagging.  Eye AF.  4k video.  Oh my!

So what if the aperture is now f/2.8 to f/4.5?  With the size of the sensor, it’s not as if bokeh is the primary feature of this travel camera.  Most shots are taken outdoors anyway.  And for indoor shots, the Steady Shot offers 4 stops of stabilization.

The viewfinder pops in and out without having to pull on the eyepiece (I have the RX100iii).  The size hasn’t changed.

For my Use Case, this camera is ticking all the checkboxes.

Having experience with the RX100 line, I strongly recommend purchasing the small hand grip that glues to the front of the camera.  It made by RX100iii perfect.  I just with Sony would include it with the camera in the first place.  Annoying to pay extra for a piece of plastic/rubber.

Damn you, Sony.  You’re going to get more of my hard earned cash.

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