A 42Mp sensor brings out all the flaws of glass!

I’ve raved about the Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 lens that I purchased for a song a little while ago.  I’d been using it with my Sony A77ii and was quite pleased with the results.  I decided to try it on my new A99ii. Oh my. What a difference the 42 megapixels does!  Suddenly, I was discovering green and purple fringing that was all but invisible on … Continue reading A 42Mp sensor brings out all the flaws of glass!

Who uses the LCD top panel?

I recently saw this question asked in a DP Review forum.  I couldn’t help but reply: Reviewers and purists raked the A700 over the coals because it didn’t have an LCD while the Canikons did.  I think Sony gave in to the pressure to avoid bad press. I still use the LCD occasionally but I don’t think I’d cry over its demise.  Good idea, though, to … Continue reading Who uses the LCD top panel?

Flapping mirrors

Just thought I’d share a quick one with you.  I was watching on YouTube the press conference given by President Barak Obama and President-elect Donald Trumb.  You can watch the video here.  You can barely hear President Obama speaking with the sound of all those DSLR flapping mirrors. Several photographers firing away with Nikon D5’s and Canon 1Dx’s in a small room like the oval office … Continue reading Flapping mirrors

Translucent mirrors

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Brian Smith, who is a fantastic portrait photographer and a really nice guy.  We talked about the translucent mirrors in Sony cameras and I think he put it best: “Far too much is made of light loss from Sony (sic) translucent mirror” and “Image quality loss from translucent mirror is about the same as using a high-quality … Continue reading Translucent mirrors

Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 USD Vi

Just got my hands on a new Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 Vi USD lens.  Wow!  What a difference with my old f/4 beercan lens.  So far, it’s certainly helped by hockey photos in arenas.  The extra f-stops really help.  I’ll try to put together a review after shooting with it for a while. I guess right now, I’m the one doing some happy shooting!  Hope you … Continue reading Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 USD Vi

A77 Mk 2 firmware upgrade

Just updated the camera with the latest version 2.0 firmware.  I now have XAVC-S and apparently the auto-focus is 2.5 times faster (in low light, although a French web site says that the speed is 2 times faster overall). I’ll be doing some testing to see if there are any other improvements.  For the first time, I feel as if Sony cares enough about a … Continue reading A77 Mk 2 firmware upgrade

We’re finally going to get XAVC-S on the A77 Mk 2!

A little while ago, I wrote that it would be nice to have XAVC-S on the Alpha A77 Mk 2.  I also wrote that all it should take is a firmware upgrade.  Well I just love being right! Sony has announced that a firmware upgrade is coming in December for the A77 Mk 2 that includes XAVC-S.  This is going to be amazing for filming … Continue reading We’re finally going to get XAVC-S on the A77 Mk 2!