A new Nikon and renewed fanboy vitriol

Hello to all.  It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I had to mention something that made by blood boil.  Nikon has announced their new D850 which promises to be a great camera.  They’ve thrown every feature possible into this design and I hope the strategy helps them solve their financial woes. What really got to me were some of the user comments I … Continue reading A new Nikon and renewed fanboy vitriol

Flapping mirrors

Just thought I’d share a quick one with you.  I was watching on YouTube the press conference given by President Barak Obama and President-elect Donald Trumb.  You can watch the video here.  You can barely hear President Obama speaking with the sound of all those DSLR flapping mirrors. Several photographers firing away with Nikon D5’s and Canon 1Dx’s in a small room like the oval office … Continue reading Flapping mirrors

Translucent mirrors

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Brian Smith, who is a fantastic portrait photographer and a really nice guy.  We talked about the translucent mirrors in Sony cameras and I think he put it best: “Far too much is made of light loss from Sony (sic) translucent mirror” and “Image quality loss from translucent mirror is about the same as using a high-quality … Continue reading Translucent mirrors

Brian Smith in Montreal

I had the pleasure on Sunday of going to a conference given by Brian Smith.  You would have a hard time finding a more generous, interesting and inspiring photographer. He spent over three hours giving a roomful of Montrealers insights into his world of portraiture, his own personal projects and travels, as well as a few valuable technical tips. His anecdotes about some of the … Continue reading Brian Smith in Montreal