Sony A99ii bluetooth geotagging and the iPhone X

Just came across something interesting today with my A99ii.  I just received a new iPhone X and set up the Bluetooth interface between it and the camera to enable geotagging. Normally, you should have the PlayMemories app running in the background to get the information to transfer from the phone to the camera.  I was startled to find that the camera was connecting automatically to … Continue reading Sony A99ii bluetooth geotagging and the iPhone X

A 42Mp sensor brings out all the flaws of glass!

I’ve raved about the Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 lens that I purchased for a song a little while ago.  I’d been using it with my Sony A77ii and was quite pleased with the results.  I decided to try it on my new A99ii. Oh my. What a difference the 42 megapixels does!  Suddenly, I was discovering green and purple fringing that was all but invisible on … Continue reading A 42Mp sensor brings out all the flaws of glass!

Geolocating with the Sony A99ii

I’ve been experimenting with the geolocating capabilities of the Sony A99ii. The camera uses Bluetooth to communicate with a cell phone and gets the GPS location from the phone to write it directly to the picture EXIF. I haven’t had any troubles establishing the connection between the camera and the phone. The PlayMemories app must then be running to send the GPS information to the … Continue reading Geolocating with the Sony A99ii

Hey Sony! How about a retro look A6000?

I’ve always been a fan of the retro look rangefinder cameras.  Here’s a mockup of a silver and black A6000 that I’d love to see.  What do you think? I guess I could purchase a used camera and buy a replacement top on eBay and build this Frankenstein myself.  It would have to be a used camera.  It would be a shame to waste a … Continue reading Hey Sony! How about a retro look A6000?

A new Nikon and renewed fanboy vitriol

Hello to all.  It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I had to mention something that made by blood boil.  Nikon has announced their new D850 which promises to be a great camera.  They’ve thrown every feature possible into this design and I hope the strategy helps them solve their financial woes. What really got to me were some of the user comments I … Continue reading A new Nikon and renewed fanboy vitriol

Brian Smith in Montreal

I had the pleasure on Sunday of going to a conference given by Brian Smith.  You would have a hard time finding a more generous, interesting and inspiring photographer. He spent over three hours giving a roomful of Montrealers insights into his world of portraiture, his own personal projects and travels, as well as a few valuable technical tips. His anecdotes about some of the … Continue reading Brian Smith in Montreal

We’re finally going to get XAVC-S on the A77 Mk 2!

A little while ago, I wrote that it would be nice to have XAVC-S on the Alpha A77 Mk 2.  I also wrote that all it should take is a firmware upgrade.  Well I just love being right! Sony has announced that a firmware upgrade is coming in December for the A77 Mk 2 that includes XAVC-S.  This is going to be amazing for filming … Continue reading We’re finally going to get XAVC-S on the A77 Mk 2!

A-mount future?

Sony Alpha Rumors reported that the A-mount series of cameras will be geared towards “pro” level photographers in the future. Does this mean no more entry level A-mount alphas? I don’t mind the idea of having a “pro” line with Sony. The E-mount fits a nice new niche of light mirrorless cameras. The RX series also fills a very interesting niche. I’m actually seriously looking … Continue reading A-mount future?

Sony A77 Mark II review (part 2)

Here’s a major bug that is very annoying: if you take a picture but press the shutter button too quickly, it causes a memory card corruption. You get a message that says “Writing to the memory card was not completed correctly. Recover data?” When you select Enter (yes) the camera asks: “Execute? This may damage data that was added or edited on another device.” Then … Continue reading Sony A77 Mark II review (part 2)