Fun with video editing!

I edited this video with iMovie.  You can do some pretty amazing things with this little app.  I was inspired by the work of Peter McKinnon.  Check out his channel. Shot on a Sony Alpha A99ii and an iPhone X.  Hard to tell the difference between the two! I’m hoping to get more subscribers to my YouTube channel.  Please tell your friends. Cheers, Michael Continue reading Fun with video editing!

Sony A99ii bluetooth geotagging and the iPhone X

Just came across something interesting today with my A99ii.  I just received a new iPhone X and set up the Bluetooth interface between it and the camera to enable geotagging. Normally, you should have the PlayMemories app running in the background to get the information to transfer from the phone to the camera.  I was startled to find that the camera was connecting automatically to … Continue reading Sony A99ii bluetooth geotagging and the iPhone X