Sorry Nikon

There has been a great deal of digital ink spilled over what are probably the best three cameras to come out in the last year: The Sony A7Riii, the A7iii and the Nikon D850. All three are great cameras and some have pointed to the D850 as the best of the bunch. I’m going to be arrogant and say “Sorry, you’re wrong”. Trying to compare … Continue reading Sorry Nikon

Fanboy (and girl) psychology explained.

Here’s the text of the YouTube video I posted today: So a new camera model comes out and you tell yourself: “I’ve got to have that!”.  Or, you already despise it because it made by a manufacturer other than the gear you already have.  How to we explain this strange behaviour? Well it seems Freud’s constructs of the mind seem to have been created for photographers.  According … Continue reading Fanboy (and girl) psychology explained.

A new Nikon and renewed fanboy vitriol

Hello to all.  It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I had to mention something that made by blood boil.  Nikon has announced their new D850 which promises to be a great camera.  They’ve thrown every feature possible into this design and I hope the strategy helps them solve their financial woes. What really got to me were some of the user comments I … Continue reading A new Nikon and renewed fanboy vitriol