Bluetooth geotagging is getting popular!

I’ve been looking at the Panasonic GX9 which is supposed to be available soon at B&H.   One of the features that caught my eye is the ability to get real-time geotagging via the Bluetooth connection. I hope this is a feature that makes it’s way to more and more cameras. It’s a great low power way of implementing GPS and it certainly draws less … Continue reading Bluetooth geotagging is getting popular!

Fanboy (and girl) psychology explained.

Here’s the text of the YouTube video I posted today: So a new camera model comes out and you tell yourself: “I’ve got to have that!”.  Or, you already despise it because it made by a manufacturer other than the gear you already have.  How to we explain this strange behaviour? Well it seems Freud’s constructs of the mind seem to have been created for photographers.  According … Continue reading Fanboy (and girl) psychology explained.