A new Nikon and renewed fanboy vitriol

Hello to all.  It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I had to mention something that made by blood boil.  Nikon has announced their new D850 which promises to be a great camera.  They’ve thrown every feature possible into this design and I hope the strategy helps them solve their financial woes. What really got to me were some of the user comments I … Continue reading A new Nikon and renewed fanboy vitriol

Who uses the LCD top panel?

I recently saw this question asked in a DP Review forum.  I couldn’t help but reply: Reviewers and purists raked the A700 over the coals because it didn’t have an LCD while the Canikons did.  I think Sony gave in to the pressure to avoid bad press. I still use the LCD occasionally but I don’t think I’d cry over its demise.  Good idea, though, to … Continue reading Who uses the LCD top panel?

What use is a GPS in a camera?

When I read blog posts or camera reviews, there is very little talk about GPS units included in the camera.  Most “experts” seem to think that it is an unnecessary accessory.  I’ve read blog posts that exclaim: “I know where I am when I take a picture!”  I had a recent experience that would make me disagree with that. Five years ago, I went on … Continue reading What use is a GPS in a camera?

Now, EVFs are popular! Who could have predicted this?

I remember when I started reading about Sony’s translucent mirrors and EVFs (Electronic View Finders).  Just the mention of EVFs was like using a four letter word in public.  All the purists just hated them.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, could compare to an optical view finder. Well, I went against the grain and moved from my trusty Sony Alpha A700 (with a very bright … Continue reading Now, EVFs are popular! Who could have predicted this?

Translucent mirrors

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Brian Smith, who is a fantastic portrait photographer and a really nice guy.  We talked about the translucent mirrors in Sony cameras and I think he put it best: “Far too much is made of light loss from Sony (sic) translucent mirror” and “Image quality loss from translucent mirror is about the same as using a high-quality … Continue reading Translucent mirrors

Brian Smith in Montreal

I had the pleasure on Sunday of going to a conference given by Brian Smith.  You would have a hard time finding a more generous, interesting and inspiring photographer. He spent over three hours giving a roomful of Montrealers insights into his world of portraiture, his own personal projects and travels, as well as a few valuable technical tips. His anecdotes about some of the … Continue reading Brian Smith in Montreal

Panoramic shots with the RX100m3 on the Sirui T-005X tripod

In my last post I talked about how it took a little ingenuity to attach the RX100 properly to my Sirui tripod to take panoramic shots.  Here is my solution. (I’m going to apologize right now for the poor quality of the pictures in this blog post, I was using a small tablet with a bad camera). First thing to note is that the tripod … Continue reading Panoramic shots with the RX100m3 on the Sirui T-005X tripod

What’s happening at CP+?

I don’t know about you, but I was hoping for some new product announcements from Sony at CP+ which is going on right now in Japan.  All we’re getting is articles about the new G-Master series of lenses.  None of which does any good for A-mount users.  Is there ever going to be an announcement for an A99ii?  Maybe A-mount really is dead. I have … Continue reading What’s happening at CP+?