Shot in Rome and touched up using Lightroom
Shot in Rome and touched up using Lightroom

Hi all, and welcome to my blog!

(takes a deep breath)

Let’s get started.  This is going to be a place where we can talk about photography, gear, retouching, all the stuff that makes our art so much fun.  I live in Montreal so you’ll see lots of examples from my city.

For starters, I’ll talk a little about the gear I use.  Sony DSLRs.  Yeah, you heard it, Sony.  I know all you fanboys and girls are going to want to criticize my choice, but here’s my background.  I started over 35 years ago with a Canon/Bell & Howell parallax 35mm camera that belonged to my Mom.  She got me started in this wonderful art.  (Thanks Mom).  Then, before going on a trip to Europe, she purchased a Minolta XD11.  It was a great machine.  That is what started me down the Minolta path.

Several cameras and lenses later, I had to move to digital.  Minolta sold their business to Sony.  Having a kit of lenses, I decided to take the plunge down the Sony path.  If I were starting fresh, I might have done differently.  On a budget, I got an Alpha 350.  Soon got to its limits.  Then I moved up to an Alpha 700.  What a great machine.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I’ve accumulated quite a bit of gear since then.  I’ll talk about it in later posts.

Thanks for reading and come back soon.  I’ve got a lot to share.


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