How do you shoot? A self-analysis.

I’ve tried to consciously make a note of what I like to shoot and how I shoot it while on vacation. Why am I doing this? I want to see if I shoot more in the 24-70mm range or in the 24-100mm range. I’ve been very tempted by the Sony RX100Mk3. But, compared to its predecessor, it has less focal range. Is the new lens … Continue reading How do you shoot? A self-analysis.

Why the fuss with super high ISOs?

I realize that high ISOs are useful when shooting in a dark situation. Or, when shooting indoor sports. But let’s get serious, pushing ISO usually means 1600, 3200 and sometimes 6400. Over that, it should be only for rare situations where the natural ambient light is all you have and any other source of light would be either impossible to add or would detract from … Continue reading Why the fuss with super high ISOs?


I used to have a cheap tripod until a wise photographer friend of mine turned me to Manfroto. I struggled with the cheap tripod and thought everything was fine, but all that changed when I placed my camera on a quality tripod with a ball head. What a difference! I haven’t looked back since. Never used the cheap tripod since. I came across a very … Continue reading Tripods

A-mount future?

Sony Alpha Rumors reported that the A-mount series of cameras will be geared towards “pro” level photographers in the future. Does this mean no more entry level A-mount alphas? I don’t mind the idea of having a “pro” line with Sony. The E-mount fits a nice new niche of light mirrorless cameras. The RX series also fills a very interesting niche. I’m actually seriously looking … Continue reading A-mount future?