Get ready for tomorrow’S iOS update.

Tomorow, Apple is coming out with their new look mobile operating system: iOS 7.  I know I’ll be upgrading my trusty old iPhone 4 to enjoy the new look OS.  It’s probably the reason why I’m hesitating to upgrade to the new iPhone 5s.  Apple created a quality product three years ago that still looks good and is relevant today. To boot, I’m going to be able to enjoy the new system albeit without some of the bells and whistles. Bells and whistles that I don’t need in my everyday use. I really want a larger screen, so I may wait for the iPhone 6.  I like the new 5s camera but if I really want to take pictures that I’m going to keep, I bring my Sony DSC-HX30V.  I can put it in my pocket or carry it in a handy belt case.

In any case, for those of you upgrading tomorrow, remember to back up your data!

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