I say NO! to PortraitPro Body

Ok, I own PortraitPro by Anthropics but I cannot abide by PortraitPro Body.

First a little background on each application.  PortraitPro is a software application that allows you to take a portait of a subject and then make adjustments to the face.  You can remove blemishes, add or change makeup, and make some adjustments to the morphology of the face.  PortraitPro Body allows you to change the morphology of a subject’s body.

I am an engineer and a photographer, but more importantly, I am a father.  I have two wonderful kids; a daughter and a son.  I admire the technology that goes into these software packages.  I have used PortraitPro and have been thoroughly impressed.  I draw the line at extreme body modifications via software.

When my daughter was younger, I would show her how bodies were modified using Photoshop.  I didn’t ever want her to think that the models she saw in advertising were anywhere near reality.  I didn’t want her growing up trying to look like these phoney images.  I’m happy that showing her Photoshop at a young age worked.  When we’d be waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, she would look at the magazine covers and declare to me “That’s fake!”.  She is growing up to be a beautiful and confidant woman.  I’m one of the lucky dads.  I think every young girl should be shown Photoshop in elementary school to prevent the damage that advertising can do.

I’m sorry Anthropics, but I’m not going to purchase this software package of yours.  It’s a marvel of technology, but for our daughters’ sake, I’m not buying it.

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