A perfect voyage device

I recently went on vacation with the kids and here’s a fantastic tool that I brought with me: a Samsung Tab 7. One little tablet that was my Internet access device, GPS, but best of all…a photo backup device. All you need are a few accessories and you’re good to go! Samsung sells a kit allowing you to connect SD cards and USB devices to the tablet. That’s all you need.

A friend of mine likes to take a laptop and an external hard drive on trips. He uses the laptop to interface with the camera or SD card and the external hard drive to back up the pictures. The computer (with a copy of the pictures on its hard drive) stays in the hotel room and the external hard drive slips into the back back. What I don’t like about this solution in all the moving parts (hard drives). Lugging these things around means you risk damaging them. Leaving a laptop in a hotel room risks getting it stolen.

Vacation kit
Vacation kit

Here’s what I do. Looking at the picture above, I take pictures with my vacation camera (1). It has a high capacity memory card (4). After a day of taking shots, I insert the SD card (4) into the Samsung adapter (3) and then insert the two into the tablet (2). The tablet has an external micro SD card (5) with up to 32Gb of storage. Using an Android file manager, you just copy the photo files from the SD card to the micro SD card. Unmount both devices and thats it! I keep the micro SD card in my luggage where it can’t be found by anyone trying to nose around and put the original SD card back in the camera.

Voilà! A backup onto a device with no moving parts. You always carry the SD card in the camera and keep a micro SD copy in your luggage. You can even bring the tablet with you and use it as a GPS. Unfortunately, this solution does not work with Apple devices since you cannot insert memory cards or export files from iOS.

I recommend Jumble file manager for Android. It allows you to easily make a selection of files, copy them, create a new directory on the micro SD card and paste them.

Happy shooting, and remember to always back up your photos!

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