Sirui T-005X – What a cool little tripod!

I recently took a trip to Cuba.  (It was great, by the way).  I wanted to take some panoramic shots of the beach and figured I needed a tripod.  I have a tiny tripod that I can carry in my pocket when I want to rest my camera on a mailbox or something, but I knew that wouldn’t help me on the beach.  My main tripod is a massive Manfrotto that is way too big and weighs way too much.

What to do?

I did some web research on travel tripods and decided upon the Sirui T-005X.  I couldn’t afford the carbon fibre model so I went for aluminium.

I have to say, I was really impressed by this little beauty.  It measures about a foot when folded and weighs under two pounds.  It has a great ball head with a separate knob to allow the base to rotate 360 degrees.  Great for panoramic shots!  It comes in some nifty colours too.

The maximum height (including the ball head) is about 58 inches, which is good enough for me.

I really wanted the T-005X and not the older T-005 because the new version allows you to remove the centre column and mount the ball head directly on the tripod for greater stability.  Cool!

I used it mostly with my RX100m3.  Mounting the camera for panoramic shots required a little ingenuity which I’ll describe in my next blog post.

Do you have a travel tripod?  Please drop your comments and let us know what you use.

Happy shooting!

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