Panoramic shots with the RX100m3 on the Sirui T-005X tripod

In my last post I talked about how it took a little ingenuity to attach the RX100 properly to my Sirui tripod to take panoramic shots.  Here is my solution.

(I’m going to apologize right now for the poor quality of the pictures in this blog post, I was using a small tablet with a bad camera).

First thing to note is that the tripod mounting screw on the RX100m3 is not lined up with the center line of the lens.


I know that you should rotate around the nodal point of the lens and not the center of the camera to stitch panoramic shots, but this is even worse.  I had to find a way of mounting the camera off-center.  As I was searching through the store for arca-swiss mounting plates my high school geometry came back to me.  If I want to shift the camera to the side and back toward the nodal point, why don’t I mount a single plate across the hypotenuse of this triangle:


I then mounted the plate on the tripod head and this is what I got:


Eureka!  I can now rotate the camera around the nodal point (or close enough) of the RX100 lens.  So far, it’s worked like a charm.  I use PTGui and it has produced some amazing panoramas.  Here’s the setup again, with the lens retracted:


I now have a very compact setup to carry around that takes absolutely amazing pictures.

I have definitely fallen in love with the RX100.

Happy shooting!

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