Backups revisited

A little over a month ago, I sang the praises of my My Book Live Duo.  A great way to have all my data files stored safely and cheaply.  The My Book Live also adds several applications that make the device particularly useful.  One of these applications allows me to view thumbnails of all my pictures on an iPhone, Android tablet or my iPad.  I can click on the thumbnail and view the picture full-screen on the device albeit at a reduced resolution (saving bandwidth).  I can view my photos at home or away via the Internet.

The device does this by scanning through all my files and creating a database of thumbnails.  A problem occured shortly after I wrote my last article about this NAS (network attached storage).  The database of thumbnails got corrupted so I had to rescan the entire disk to rebuild it.  This is where the weak processor and the low amount of RAM caused an issue.  The process that scans the disk and creates the thumbnails would crash every hour or two.  It became a real nuisance to restart the program.  I would leave for work and come back to no progress and a crashed process.  Frustration!

Western Digital makes great hardware but they are not a software company.  While I perused the Internet for solutions, I came across reviews for other NAS devices.  Machines that were created by software companies.  Oh the features.  And the performance!  I became envious.

In my research, I came across a sale for a NAS by Qnap.  Along with Synology, these are amongst the best NAS manufacturers out there.  Not only was the machine on sale, but there was an open box at my local store giving me an additional 10% off.  So, I bit the bullet and purchased a Qnap TS-451+.

What a machine!  I transfered the hard disks from the Western Digital box and I was off to the races.  Used my backup to restore everything to the new NAS and was up and running in no time.

The app that allows me to view pictures remotely performs even better than the one from WD and most importantly, it runs reliably.

I’ll put up a review of the TS-451+ soon.

I still sleep well at night.

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