The obsession with touch screens

Am I the only one who doesn’t care about touch screens?  I have a MacBook that I love. It has a fantastic track pad and a responsive keyboard.  I don’t want dirty finger marks on my retina screen…  I don’t need a touch screen and I don’t want one.  But, it seems that all the critics rant about the wonders and the absolute necessity of a touch screen.  Windows 10 is designed for it.  I have Windows 10 and never use a touch function.

My camera has a joystick to move the focus point.  I use the EVF almost exclusively and not the 3″ screen on the back of the camera.  I don’t need and don’t want to use a touch screen.  I don’t want dirty finger marks all over the screen.  No matter what protection is applied to the screen, it will always eventually wear off and the finger marks will show.

I do understand that videographers like to use the touch screen to move the focus point while filming.  Despite this, I’ve never seen a professional cameraman take his eye away from the viewfinder to touch a screen and move the focus point.  So, I’m assuming this is a feature for amateur and pro-am videographers.

Critics harp on and on about cameras that don’t have touch screens.  Sony has stated that it doesn’t consider this a feature for professionals.  Except I keep reading reviews of cameras that says thing like “It’s a great camera but ultimately a disappointment because it doesn’t have a touch screen”.  Oh, please.  Give me a break!

I read in a forum on DPReview that a survey said that most readers don’t want a touch screen.  I’d really like to know, is it that important to you?

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