How I review equipment

I’ve just posted a video on YouTube where I describe how I review equipment.

It starts with my basic obsession that the equipment we use are just tools.  What is “equipment”? Well, by definition, it’s the set of tools needed to achieve a goal.  What is the goal?  For photographers it’s to take good pictures.  For engineers, it’s to have a system that makes their task or even their lives easier.  But the keyword is “tool”.  Cameras are a tool.  Computers are a tool.  Hammers are a tool.

A camera in my hands can take great pictures.  If it’s sitting on a table, it’s no better than the table at taking pictures.

Now that we agree that the equipment we evaluate are just tools, we have to look at the next crucial question: How are we using them?  What is the “Use Case” for this piece of equipment?  Take landscape pictures?  Sports?  Store data? Run Photoshop and Lightroom? Drive a nail?

Once we determine the use case, we see if the tool fulfills the need in an efficient and effective way.

We start by assuming the tool was designed for the task (you didn’t buy a camera to mow the lawn).  We have to accept that the manufacturer tried to design the perfect product for us.  So, starting from a perfect product we work backwards, taking away usability “points”.

The video shows how I review the Sony RX100 iii which is still relevant today.  Starting with the Use Case, I determine the required features that fulfill the Use Case.  I then run through the points to see how the RX100 measures up.

Check it out!

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