Who uses the LCD top panel?

I recently saw this question asked in a DP Review forum.  I couldn’t help but reply:

Reviewers and purists raked the A700 over the coals because it didn’t have an LCD while the Canikons did.  I think Sony gave in to the pressure to avoid bad press.

I still use the LCD occasionally but I don’t think I’d cry over its demise.  Good idea, though, to use it in the bright sunlight.

BTW, these are the same purists who cried foul over EVFs but seem to have softened their stance today.

Funny how human beings resist change…

I honestly believe that Sony felt the pressure from the critics to add a feature they didn’t feel was necessary but gave in to pressure because critics believe an ultimate camera would have this.

The same goes for rear touch screens.  Sony doesn’t see this as a useful feature on a professional stills camera.  Just watch; the critics all want one because they want to convert their DSLRs into video cameras.  Sony is surely feeling the pressure.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see touch screens coming soon on their high-end cameras.

Photography hardware is such a fickle business.

Enjoy the equipment you have!

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